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songtext von 003 – dyver


verse 1

i’ve been sittin’ on a pot of gold
treasures of the unknown
what does it profit such a man..
to gain the world and lose a soul?
hide all you can just as quick as you want it will go
buy all you can just as quick as you want let it blow
i’ve been sittin’ on a pot of gold
treasure of the unknown

chorus (2x)

i thought about it late last night
what if i could spend a hundred stacks everyday of my life
would it make the world seem right?
sittin’ on a pot of golden treasure in the seat of my mind

verse 2

if there was enough for us all
would you being dying to ball?
would you go buy out the mall?
what would it matter at all?
if everyones belly was empty
would you be stunting’ that m3?
rockin’ a mouth full of gold teeth
knowing there’s babies that don’t eat
every man for himself (2x)
but most of the population of the nation
cannot get a handle of wealth
you build your idols we can admire
but never attain to be
the poor man asks the rich man could you be
happy just the same as me

chorus (2x)


your soul is golden
you know your soul is golden

# dyver

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